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A Tradition of Class & Luxury

A tip of the Hat to Hotel Phillips' Past

Even before this address was transformed into an elegant boutique hotel, it had a place in Kansas City's heart. When completed in 1931 (for an astronomical $1.6 million), the 20-story, 450-room hotel was the tallest in Kansas City, and the only commercial structure with a radio receiver in every room. In the Glennon Hotel, which stood in the original site of Hotel Phillips, a famous gentleman ran the haberdashery on the ground floor—Harry S. Truman.

Many of the Art Deco details from the 1930s remain today: the elaborate bronze and nickel metalwork, lustrous walnut paneling, stylish light fixtures and black glass on the ceiling that creates the illusion of endless space.

Back then, as now, gazing over the lobby is a gilded 11-foot likeness of the goddess of Dawn, known as the mother of the stars. Plenty of stars have certainly glided past the gleaming marble walls over the decades, from John Barrymore through current-day celebrities such as Tina Turner.

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